Building & Living

Space for generations to come

Who can build and live here? And how will this all be scheduled? We’ll keep you posted.

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By 2027 the first people may already be able to move into their new homes in Schumacher Quartier. And preferably these will also be for as many people as possible, which is why 35-40% of rents will be subject to controls. This is guaranteed among other things because of the fact that half of the planned units will be leased through the state housing associations. A further 10% of units is reserved for students.

But it’s important to note: Tegel Projekt GmbH themselves will be neither constructing nor leasing homes.
The approximately state-owned 2,500 units will be allocated through the housing associations themselves. In Schumacher Quartier these are:

You will also find additional information regarding urban development and planning in Berlin, for example, on the website of Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung, Bauen und Wohnen.

Constructing in the Schumacher Quartier

The remaining 40% of lots do not go to the highest bidders either. They are allocated instead to those with the most convincing concept. Lots in Schumacher Quartier are allocated to cooperatives and construction groups as part of what are called concept procedures under the law on leaseholds. The concept procedures for the allocation of lots in Schumacher Quartier begin as soon as the pertinent zoning plan provides the requisite legal security for construction. The required appraisal of the holdings has not yet been completed for the areas in the first construction lot. For this we must wait and see and then the first procedures can start. The discussions are under way and we thank all interested parties for their patience. We will inform you as soon as a binding start date is set.

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