The way forward through the city

Fewer vehicles, innovative, and optimally connected: Traffic and mobility in Schumacher Quartier are given a radical rethinking.

Being mobile is part of modern life. But with the worldwide growth of cities traffic is reaching its limits: Its emissions put a strain on climate and health, parking spaces take up one fifth of public space and yet are still in short supply, while in big cities motorists spend up to three- quarters of an hour each day caught up in traffic jams.

The innovative traffic concept in Schumacher Quartier relies on new mobility. Here, urban lifestyle in the neighborhood is accompanied by a traffic-calmed environment. In addition to active mobility and the local public transportation network [ÖPNV], the range of mobility services is complemented by mobility hubs acting multi-functionally as district garages, with bike-sharing and carpooling, consulting services for innovative modes of transport, vehicle parking spaces, repair shops, businesses, and packing stations. Each home is within no more than a 300-meter walk to the next hub. All mobility hubs are situated at important transfer points such as bus and subway stations.

Local public transportation [ÖPNV] connections.

The roads in Schumacher Quartier will benefit from traffic calming. 80% of all travel by residents will be by public transportation. The Kurt-Schumacher-Platz subway station and the new bus stations along Neue Meteorstrasse and Kurt-Schumacher-Damm will link directly to the mobility hubs with alternative mobility options. Efficient local transportation makes it easy to do without your own vehicle.

Private transport

Schumacher Quartier will be a low-traffic neighborhood. Road spaces are designed as spaces for the residents move about and communicate, and they will incorporate planted evaporation and seepage areas to utilize rainwater in the Quartier. Parking spaces are available for people with limited mobility and for care, rescue and delivery services. Short, accessible pathways, a good network of bike paths, and external access to linked local public transportation [ÖPNV] and mobility hubs secure rapid access to downtown Berlin and the Urban Tech Republic

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Mobility concept

The comprehensive mobility concept for the Schumacher Quarter and Berlin TXL.