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About the Schumacher Quartier

For you. For me. For all. More than 5,000 apartments for more than 10,000 people are being built in the Schumacher Quarter.

About Tegel Projekt GmbH

Tegel Projekt GmbH was commissioned by the State of Berlin with the development and management of Schumacher Quartier and the Urban Tech Republic.

Project flyer Schumacher Quartier

The Schumacher Quartier – compact overview (available in German).

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Schumacher Quartier – The Charter

With its principles and guidelines, the Schumacher Quartier Charter forms the basis for forward-looking neighborhood development. (Only available in German)

Quarter book part A

The neighborhood book summarizes which visions and concepts are to shape spaces and design in the new urban neighborhood. It is an introduction and guide so that the neighborhood can gradually take shape. Part A describes and records the key issues of the neighborhood. (Only available in German).

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Quarter book part B

Part B formulates the design framework for the development of the neighborhood, acting as a “guide” and defining both rules and site-specific specifications for implementation. (Only available in German)

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Flyer for the Quarter books

The flyer for the Quater books provides at a glance all the essential information about the visions, concepts and design for the Schumacher Quartier. (Only available in German)

Area plan Berlin TXL

There are areas for industry, commerce, research, science and housing on the site.

Urban development framework plan Schumacher Quartier

Here you can find the urban development framework plan of the Schumacher Quartier.

Urban planning competition

Winning design of the urban planning competition by the planning company Scheuvens + Wachten Plus.

Image video

A look into the future.

Democratic since 2008

What will actually happen after the closure of Tegel Airport? This issue has been discussed publicly since 2008. From the outset, the aim was to develop concepts in a broad-based debate. Here is an overview of the key steps in the participatory planning process. (Only available in German)