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The first district to be a single entity

Socially committed, sustainable, green. Schumacher Quartier sets new standards and serves as a model for the whole of Berlin. Find out here what we’re planning.

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Schumacher Quartier will offer more than 5,000 homes for more than 10,000 people, together with the attendant shopping facilities and public amenities. What’s planned is an education campus with two universities as well as sports facilities and youth centers, and six daycare centers in addition. And the best thing about it: All of this is there for everyone as well. Because Schumacher Quartier combines different forms of construction and use.

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Schumacher Quartier is designed not only to be socially mixed but also sustainable. It is built using renewable raw materials such as wood. And in addition low-emission recycled materials are utilized, as is also the case with renewable energy sources, rainwater on the sponge-city principle, and environmentally conscious mobility. From the outset we also include species diversity (biodiversity) in terms of both design and construction in our thinking.

Directly next to Schumacher Quartier is the Urban Tech Republic, an innovation park for urban technologies. The green technologies of the future developed and produced here in the Urban Tech Republic will be put to use in Schumacher Quartier.

This creates a neighborhood that is both climate-neutral and climate-resilient. In other words, it takes tomorrow’s climate challenges into account today.

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Good for the climate, good for everyone

All of this is good for the climate but also for residents. There will be hardly any traffic, better air quality, low energy costs, and a whole lot of free space besides as 30 hectares surrounding Schumacher Quartier are reserved for public green areas, playgrounds, and city squares. What’s more, it’s located right next to the new, semi-natural recreation area, Tegeler Stadtheide.

Downloads on the topic

Schumacher Quartier – The Charter

With its principles and guidelines, the Schumacher Quartier Charter forms the basis for forward-looking neighborhood development. (Only available in German)

Quarter book part A

The neighborhood book summarizes which visions and concepts are to shape spaces and design in the new urban neighborhood. It is an introduction and guide so that the neighborhood can gradually take shape. Part A describes and records the key issues of the neighborhood. (Only available in German).

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Quarter book part B

Part B formulates the design framework for the development of the neighborhood, acting as a “guide” and defining both rules and site-specific specifications for implementation. (Only available in German)

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Urban development framework plan Schumacher Quartier

Here you can find the urban development framework plan of the Schumacher Quartier.